Hary Salgado

Contemporary dancer and choreographer.

Has extensive experience in contact imporvisacion and practices such as butoh dance, physical improvisation, contemplative dance, dance movement therapy and aikido. In the area of performance, researches improvisation

Made presentations and workshops at festivals, theaters and conferences in various cities of the world, developing widely the practice of contact improvisation.

Organized the First Festival C.I. in nature ' Transforming by practice' in Brazil - Florianópolis - december 2009.

Dance therapist and body worker graduated from the centro de formacion terapêutica Maria Fux Buenos Aires Argentina.

Graduated in dance-movement therapy (American Dance Therapy Association. ADTA.) Dance / movement therapy CAECE in University of Buenos Aires.
hospital internships.
Made 120 hours of internship for three months from August to September-October 2007, under supervision of Eugenia Lacour, doctor and dance-therapist - university pavilion of Tornu hospital - Buenos Aires: dance-therapy for chronic somatic patients.

Made a cycle of internships (dance therapy for chronic psychotic patients) under the supervision of Alicia Lavalle-doctor and dance therapist of the psychiatric emergency hospital Torcuato de Alvear. Buenos Aires, 2006.

Participated in the presentation of the exercise, "advances in dance therapy" with the president of the association of dance therapy Argentina, Eugenia Lacour, dance therapy congress 2007 Buenos Aires.

Bluet International Group as a performer and facilitator of the improvisation lab, em Córdoba (2006).
Second and third international workshop on contact improvisation, as Instructor and participating in various laboratories, in Capilla del Monte-Cordoba (2005-2006)
Contact Improvisation Lab -Buenos aires september and november 2007. (Space alternating cultural center)
Improvisation Seminary "great and free America House" Mar del plata Argentina in february 2007.

Peace Subway - subterrain intervention in the city of Buenos Aires in março 2008.
Espacio Alterna - Intercultural gathering: 6 gatherings (2006/2007 / 2008).
Coordinator of the project of collective-whole creation for 6 months - May to October 2007, with 6 presentations as a result of work done during the monthly cycle of the project in different Cultural places - Buenos Aires.
Seminar in physical Improvisação / INTERVENTION / urban.
"Big house" Mar del Plata Argentina, November 2008 em.


Seminar with Paul Trocoli - BMC.
Intensive Seminar with Marignano Patin - feldenkrais system.
Intensive Seminar with Eliana Bonard - consciouss system of Fedora
Motion Reading Seminar according to Stephen R. Laban with Esteban Fuenmayor.
Intensive Seminar transference and counter-transference of the dance-therapist com Victoria Russel (USA)
authentic movement workshop with Karen Nelson (USA)

Performer in International Contact Improvisation Festivals of Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, germany, Florianopolis and in different cycles.


Formation in Contact Improvisation.
Ralf jaroschinski, Elinana Bonard, Daniela Schwartz, Cristina Turd, Lucia Tudelman Yessi Bertone, Eckhard Muller, Gustavo Lecce, Alito Alessi, July Hamilton, Nancy Stark Smith, Martin Keogh and Camillo Vacalebre, and other.

Toured 9 cities in Brazil, coordinating intensive seminars contact improvisation and dance-movement-therapy / featuring improvisation performances. (Rio de Janeiro, Juiz de Fora, Sao Tome das Letras, Uberlândia, Brasília, São Paulo, Florianopolis, Aracaju and Salvador). 2009

Hary salgado was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Is now based in Brazil.